Joy of Disc Golf

So, my partner and I have gotten pretty into disc golf recently. About two weeks ago I ordered a new disc, so we could bring friends out for a bit of good, clean, socially-distanced fun. It's pink and it's awesome.

Yesterday, we went to go play a few rounds at a different course than the usual. Me, ace that I am, absolutely whipped that brand new disc onto a nearby roof. COVID being COVID, there are, fairly, no facility people available.

Though I was initially a stubborn ass about it, my partner had the idea to bring a ladder out and get it back. I thought it was crazy to climb onto the roof of some park building, but another disc golfer (or dolfer) walked by and said that he's done it here a million times. So, partner's right, as always.

Unless it goes wrong, in which case I'm morally bound to amend this with the appropriate amount of neener-neeners.

If it all works out, I'll add photos of our victory!

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