How much is that kitty in the window?

AKA, Shameless cat-posting

Our house has a stray cat hanging around (dubbed, "Vinny") who my partner and I have grown quite fond of. He comes up to the back door every few days to get food and engage in a staring contest with our cats.

Vinny is pretty thin, but sports an enormous melon. He also maintains a very serious look on his face despite frequently poking his tongue out.

No blep today. Very serious.

I'd love to invite this obviously-very-good boy inside, but one of the other cats can be a real ass, and I'm not sure having a scrap is in either of their interests. Technically, we're borrowing these two from family, but they've gotta stay under our watchful eyes for now.

He's been stopping by more frequently in the last couple of days, so I hope we can fatten him up a bit. He needs a body to match that noggin.

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