A Peppery Experiment

Inspired by boredom, an unreasonable affinity for all things vinegary, and a friend doing neat pickle stuff, I've decided to try making some fermented hot sauce. It's the first time I've fermented something, so it should be a learning experience, if nothing else.

The recipe I'm following is pretty simple, but my impatience and cheapness may impact the outcome. I don't have any jars that are as big as they recommend, so I split it into two that are, cleverly, not the same size. The big jar doesn't have the right lid anymore, so the wrong one is currently held in place with shoelace. And, to be extra confident in the seal, I slapped some books on top of it. Another job well done.

Plus, apparently I can't read, because I ordered white cooking wine instead of white wine vinegar. So, that bodes well. I don't need it until the end, so I've got time to pick up the right stuff, but still.

I have no idea how this will turn out, but I'm pretty excited to see! Just a week of waiting.

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