I wrote this as a group project proposal for a web applications class, but I ended up with a team that had a different direction in mind. I thought it was kinda funny, though, so I say it fits here.

Have you ever thought, "Boy, this floor doesn't have nearly enough colorful nonsense on it"? Is there a hole in your soul that can only be filled vicariously through your cat? Then, my god, do I have a website for you! PostCats is a cat toy subscription service, available in monthly, weekly, or daily installments!

At PostCats, we know that your pet quickly tires of playing with the same toy day after day. We think bored cats make for bored people. A little variety seems to be in order!

At our website, we are excited to offer dozens of unique, engaging cat toys, all delivered straight to your door! Simply select what combination you would like of fuzzy, stringy, noisy, (or surprise!) toys, and how often you would like them delivered. We'll take care of the rest!

PostCats makes it our mission to deliver fun straight to your door, and into your cat's heart.

Start now for only 50 cents a day!*

PostCats ensures that the fun endures!

*50-cent-per-day promotional price is based on ordering a five-year subscription of monthly toy deliveries at a rate of $182.50 per year. The promotion expires after the first year, and the price returns to its standard $200 per year.

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